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Tree Care & Preservation: Tree Trimming / Pruning

Tree Trimming / Pruning

Whether your tree is young or old, tall or small, trimming will allow rain, wind, and sunlight to reach all areas of the tree, while preventing decay, certain insect infestations and diseases. We'll meticulously shape its' form to improve its' overall beauty. 

Sun shining through branches
Benefits of Pruning
  • Allows rain, wind, and sun to reach all areas

  • Helps prevent disease, decay and infestations

  • Prevents injury or property damage from falling dead branches and limbs

  • Promotes proper growth and shaping

  • Can remove potential obstructions from low hanging branches

  • Pruning before a major storm significantly increases a tree's chance of survival and minimizes property damage by removing dead branches and limbs and allowing more wind and rain to pass through the tree

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