Additional Services

We offer a multitude of additional services, just ask!

Below you'll find just some of the additional services our crew has to offer.


Looking for a specific type of fence? Call us today for a free estimate. We build for residential, as well as commercial. Tell us what you need.


We sell only cured Oak, which does not smoke and burns longer than other types of cut wood. Sold in cords and half cords.

Gutter Cleaning

Available upon request.

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We provide custom designed landscaping. Everyone is different and we can provide recommendations for your area, including what type of plants and trees will have the greatest chance to prosper in your neck of the woods. We'll have your yard looking immaculate in no time!

Storm Damage

During the hurricane season we go where needed. We've traveled the southeastern U.S. helping victims of tropical storms and hurricanes, so we're no stranger to danger. Crane work is available. 

Want to see about preventing damage from an incoming storm? We can help there, too. Give us a call!

Tree & Shrub Planting

We'll plant anything between one and six inches in diameter trunk, which covers most any variety you are looking for. We can also give recommendations for most desired and most successful plant life in your area.

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Quality is of very important to us. It is the reason we have lasted more than 30 years in the business.

Contact us with any questions and, as always, we offer free estimates!

Call us today for a free quote!